Season 11 episode 6 – England vs. Germany. Again!
Gumpert in TopGear studio

If you want to have some fun online I definitely recommend watching this episode. Personally I consider it to be…

Season 9 episode 1 – Fixing a random road in the UK
Top gear repair road in UK

This episode was slightly different from others that I have watched so far but equally as interesting as the rest….

Season 2 episode 9 – Vehicles of the future
HyWire in TopGear

Although this episode is rather old I must admit it was one of the best I have seen so far….

Season 2 episode 4 – Is there anything better than Jaguar?
Jaguar Mk 2

I will not be far from the truth if I say that almost the whole episode was about Jaguar cars….

Season 11 Episode 3 – The cheap Alfas
Jeremy crash his Alfa Romeo 75

It will not definitely be Bentley Brooklands coupe. At the time of making the show its price was about 240,000…

Season 11 episode 5 – The fox-hunting
Richard on horse on fox-hunting

I think that everybody who watched the previous episode of season 11 was left with an impression that the GTR…

Season 11 episode 4 – Can a car be art?
Race across Japan

So far this has been my favorite episode of the 11th season. I think I prefer when there is fewer…

Season 11 episode 2 – Subaru or Mitsubishi? Audi or BMW?
Richard - BMW M5

How often have we already been wondering about the same stuff? It seems that some discussions will never end and…

Season 11 episode 1 – Sport cars are not made for economic rides
Ferrari f430 Scuderia - Top Gear JEREMY CLARKSON

Season 11 had a good opening. The episode was a lot of fun but also full of great cars and…

Season 9 episode 6 – Stretched limousines. Let’s make one at home!
Stretched limousines - RICHARD HAMMOND

This is the last episode of season 9. It was rather a short one. The Polar Special is the last…

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